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The International Management Certification Institute (IMC) is the hub for management professionals. The core activity of the IMC is innovative thinking and certifying in leadership, strategy, marketing, process management and corporate governance. The IMC is bringing management professionals together in order to develop Knowledge Circles. Within a Knowledge Circle, external participants (managers) learn from each other and from the management professionals.
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The International Management Certification Institute (IMC) is the hub for management professionals. The core activity of the IMC is innovative thinking and certifying in leadership, strategy, marketing, process management and corporate governance. 

Professionals can become a member by invitation only.Experts can develop  a job relation with the IMC. Furthermore, they will refine their skills by becoming mentors for new members.


The management professionals certified by the IMC become at the same time members of the IMC. This is  done by  Knowledge Circles, which have the objective to unlock their full potential and to constantly improve their expertise. 

Our program was developed internally at several European institutes, refined into a real training method, applicable to a wide range of activity sectors and now offered to any professional who aims to become a top coach or trainer.


The values that guide us are the motivation to build the largest network of management professionals in Europe; providing mentorship to each of our members to help them improve constantly; bring inspiration in everyday practices, sharing wisdom and overall providing unmatched quality.


“I believe that knowledge transfer is crucial to any successful manager or leader.”

The program

Landgoed-Trompenburgh-2-opThe invitation to this program is dedicated to all business/management/HR professionals who want to develop themselves into trainers and coaches in their area of knowledge.

The aim of this certification program is to help you learn how to create your own extensive, comprehensive intellectual property that makes a major statement in your industry.

During this course you will get the practical skills to be able to expand your business, by learning how to design an attractive and interactive training, coaching or facilitating program and how to build a separate standing  business around it.

If you rate among the most dedicated of the successful graduates, you will receive an invitation to join our sister organizations as a facilitator.

Writing Learning Outcomes_3A successful graduate of the 4 modules is awarded the silver level business facilitator member distinction. This means that they have the knowledge and necessary practical experience to:

  • design a training session or even a full course in their area of expertise;
  • deliver it in an active manner, making use of the latest tools and techniques like NLP, storytelling and role-playing;
  • use their physical and mental attributes to create engagement, interest and excitement about the topic;
  • effectively manage groups and individual participants;
  • prepare and use the right materials for each kind of adult learning situation;
  • design a business model for their set of skills, complete with financial and marketing components.

IMC offers a 4 module course, spread over 16 hours (2 full days).

The first module consists of Entrepreneurial skills and is based on 2 proven scientific models that help participants understand how to define their value proposition, plan their business and sell themselves both online and face to face.                

  •  Chapter 1- Are you a brand or a commodity?
  • Chapter 2- Better business planning using the business model canvas
  • Chapter 3- Selling yourself – It’s all about the brand     
  • Chapter 4 Going digital – Online marketing

The second module
 focuses on Self development and has the aim to make each participant think of their strengths which he or she can use to be perceived as knowledgeable and  a good mentor. This module also offers the tools every trainer needs to design an active learning program and some simple NLP techniques to enhance communication patterns.     

  • Chapter 5- Self analysis 
  • Chapter 6- Exceptional trainers
  • Chapter 7- Out of the box thinking and acting
  • Chapter 8- NLP techniques for trainersLandgoed-Trompenburgh-8-op

The third module dives deeper into Coaching essentials and deals with practical problems such as planning the contents by keeping in mind the needs of adult learners, using innovative training methods to keep the attention and interest, and an introduction to creative training techniques with high educational impact like roleplays and storytelling.    

  • Chapter 9- Course planning
  • Chapter 10- Active training          
  • Chapter 11- Learning by doing    
  • Chapter 12- Storytelling    

The last module is designed specifically for professional who intend to coach groups or teams and focuses on Group development, building rapport with groups, leading discussions and presentations in front of them and dealing with difficult participants.        

  • Chapter 13- Group dynamics 
  • Chapter 14-Developing rapport   
  • Chapter 15-Leading discussions and presentations           
  • Chapter 16- Dealing with difficult participants 

unnamedEach module consists of 4 hours of actual learning time, 2 short breaks (10 minutes) and one long break (20 minutes) as well as an introductory networking session (15 minutes) and a complimentary closing session.

In each hour of learning there will be 3 short theoretical topics and a workshop of about 30 minutes where all the information is tested and learned in a hand-on approach.

For example, in the “Out of the box thinking and acting” hour participants will learn about Active learning and the most useful trainer tools and the workshop requires them to design a 10 minutes power session using what their learned on a topic of their choice.


  • You will enhance your brand by becoming known as trainer on your area of expertise. By learning the essentials of how to transmit your knowledge, you will build better relations with your clients and increase your results and ultimately even the rates.
  • You will know how to present your knowledge in an organized manner, which is easy to follow and to learn from. You will be able to create and market your own content building a new business around your existing knowledge, expertise and experience.Landgoed-Trompenburgh-7 optimized
  • Our modules are organized with small number of participants such that everybody has the necessary time to speak up, share their experience, have their questions answered and bring their contribution to the session. The networking component also is enhanced in small groups where people have a chance to meet each other. In each room we allow a maximum of 8 participants and in total we have 3 available rooms.

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